Congratulations to Grammy Award Winner Janis Ian

2-Time Grammy Award Winner Janis Ian Featured Guest

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2013 Grammy Award Winner Janis Ian’s Society’s Child: My Autobiography

Celebrates Dr Zara Larsen’s Circles of Change 6th Season


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Timing is everything when it comes to live interviews, and Saturday’s “Circles of Change” Talk Radio Show with Dr Zara Larsen had the timing just right.  Anxiously awaiting news of Sunday’s 2013 Grammy Awards, folk singer and songwriter Janis Ian shared the story behind Society’s Child: My Autobiography, the audio version of her 2008 book.  Competition for this year’s Best Spoken Word Album included First Lady Michelle Obama, former President Bill Clinton, radio talk show host Rachel Maddock, and television’s Ellen Degeneres.

Ian is now a two-time Grammy Award winner and has been nominated by the Academy in nine different categories over her career.  Society’s Child: My Autobiography was recorded live, no edits, no dubs (much like her life), named for the highly controversial song that sparked her career at age 15 in the 1960’s, “Society’s Child.”  Ian’s reading of her personally penned life story is framed with her playing the guitar and singing a selection of her iconic songs.  Today she continues to perform and is writing for children and youth, in addition to leading a non-profit in her mother’s name, The Pearl Foundation, which has funded over $700,000 in scholarships for women to return to college later in life.

“Janis Ian is the quintessential guest for Circles of Change,” said Dr Larsen, host of the popular talk show that offers pragmatic advice and unconventional wisdom on personal career and organizational change.  “At age 61, Janis is a role model living life to its “fullest – in 4, not just 3D – continuing to reinvent herself in very creative ways outside any set of rules.”  Dr Larsen went on to explain, “We often talk about how hungry people are to move from success to significance in the encore part of their lives – as in 78 million of us Baby Boomers trying to have a higher impact both inside and outside the work environment!” 

As Dr Larsen is well aware, as she launched a fledgling radio show, Circles of Change, in 2008 on a simple dare.  She did so in part to help build her newly launched change leadership consulting, executive and career transition coaching practice.  Dr Larsen’s goal was to be an Architect of Change, thus the name of her company,  and “primarily to live – not leave – a legacy” of helping guests promote their extraordinary endeavors plus help listeners circle back confidently to move forward positively to the “what’s next.”  In effect to make more of who they are and what they have done!

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